Vaccine Injury

What kinds of vaccine injuries are there?

Vaccine adverse effects can take on many different forms.  Physical, emotional, and mental changes may be detected following vaccination.  While not always caused or triggered by the vaccine, healthcare providers and patients should be vigilant to any changes noticed after vaccination, in case it was vaccine-related. 

Vaccine injury lawyers have compiled a list of common vaccine injuries here.

The Vaccine Inserts also list side effects.  You can find a list of vaccine inserts here.


The cases compensated through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program have demonstrated it to be more likely than not that the individual's injury was caused by the vaccine.  These cases could not be used in a scientific study to determine vaccine risk, because they are examined in a court setting.  However, each of the cases goes through an extremely rigorous and lengthy examination by professionals in the field.  It is valuable to review their findings in these individual cases.  A sampling of these cases from the law firm MCT Law can be found here.

VAERS Database

The Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System was developed as a part of the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Act.  Whenever a medical professional suspects a vaccine was involved in an injury or death, they are required to submit a report to this database.  Parents and individuals are allowed to submit an injury if the medical professional is unwilling to do so.

It is against federal law to submit an entry without believing it is vaccine-related. 

Not all vaccine injuries are entered into this database.  In fact, the CDC suspects only 1-10% of vaccine injuries are documented.

The entries are not necessarily demonstrated to be vaccine-related, and so the VAERS Database is not a reliable source of information for scientific studies.  However, it is a very valuable tool in determining what parents and doctors suspect are risks of vaccines, encouraging study in those areas in order to confirm or disprove any correlation.

​VIVID: Visually Interactive Vaccine Injury Database

This tool allows a person to navigate the VAERS Database and the NVICP cases more easily. 


The goal of VIVID is not to provide answers, but instead to provide questions.  By discovering trends within VIVID, it will lead readers to examine scientific literature that addresses that specific issue.  Ideally, it will also guide researchers to design vaccine studies to answer those questions. Coming soon!

What do I do if I think my child has been injured by a vaccine?

If you suspect injury from vaccines, find a healthcare professional who is experienced with vaccine injury.  They should be familiar with the VAERS database and be able to help you file a report.  They may ask for the specific lot number of the vaccines involved, in order to better determine if the injury was vaccine-related, and to develop a treatment plan with you.

How do I take my case to the Vaccine Court?

If you suspect injury caused by vaccine, this link provides information on how to submit your case to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  

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