Research Library Catalog

Use this Research Library Catalog to learn more about a topic of interest!  Enter a search query, and all relevant research studies will be generated in a list for you to examine at your convenience, helping you make a truly informed decision.

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For ideas on topics to research, read about general vaccine information on the rest of this website.


Search query not turning up a result?  Click here for a list of all the search query words we used in cataloging the research studies.  Be sure to match spelling exactly. The more fields you fill, the narrower your results will be.  For example, if you fill in "MMR," "Infancy," and "Autism" you will ONLY generate a list of studies that contain all three of those descriptors.  If you would like to see more studies, consider entering fewer search terms.  If you have too many results, add more search terms in the "advanced search" to narrow your area of focus.