Who we are


We are a family living in the state of Oregon, with a nursing license and several computer science degrees between us.  When one of our children had complications at birth, we took the time during his NICU stay to research vaccines.  We declined to read blogs and testimonies, and instead spent our time perusing all available scientific literature to make an informed decision for our NICU infant's unique situation.  We received advice and literature from friends and doctors, all with varying opinions for and against vaccines for different reasons.


In 2019, our state legislature in Oregon introduced an extremely comprehensive vaccine mandate bill.  As legislators and constituents debated the issue, we realized that very few people had a comprehensive understanding regarding the risks and benefits of vaccines, safety studies, or laws governing vaccine manufacturers.  Without that information, many people on both sides of the issue resorted to emotional or manipulative tactics in order to sway others to their view.


That experience inspired us to create VaccineData.net: a resource and communications platform to help everyone understand how to read research and ask the right questions regarding vaccine safety and effectiveness.