We believe that all people have the dignity to choose what is best for them and their families.


We empower people to make choices based on sound information and informed consent. 

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In recent years, vaccine injury has become an unavoidable reality that the United States, and across the globe, and the world is waking up. Vaccine injury has taken it's toll on the lives of people across the United States and these people deserve a voice.

We will share ongoing stories of families and individuals who have forever had their lives altered by vaccine injury.


The VaccineData project aims to tell the stories of vaccine injuries through a critical analysis of reports in VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) through relevant research and a clear understanding of how to properly apply VAERS data.

Americans deserve to have informed consent regarding vaccine risk and should have the tools to stand up for their civil liberties.

Visit Wayne Rohde's Right on Point podcast at www.rightonpoint.online and support the new version of his book, the Vaccine Court www.thevaccinecourt.com.

This website will serve as a place to host focused discussions regarding vaccine injury, VAERS, and informed consent.

More to come soon.